Below you can find a list of all Dutch (active) tracks and track records run by whippets on those tracks.

Please feel free to contact me for example via e-mail (kerttu.tuomi@gmail.com) if you notice any errors in the listings or know of any new track records. Note that I will only list track records run under FCI competitions.

Last updated: 12.8.2019

Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Chasing Lane's Hot Top18,5513.11.16
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy17,9227.7.14
 Whippet sprinter female Candy la Perla del Paramo18,1327.7.14
 Whippet sprinter male Oochigea's Melandri17,8713.11.16
350 mWhippet female Bindi22,832.6.13
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy22,453.5.14
 Whippet sprinter female Candy la Perla del Paramo22,118.11.15
 Whippet sprinter male Moves Like Jagger of Gasbyfirst22,098.11.15

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Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female    
 Whippet male    
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male Devaj 1976 Oval-Express18,4617.4.16
350 mWhippet female Chasing Lane's Funk De Luxe22,8317.4.16
 Whippet male Ok-Bleuy21,7015.4.18
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice21,5515.4.18
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief21,3815.4.18
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Brick Top17,4029.7.12
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy16,9628.7.12
 Whippet sprinter female Jetset Showgirl17,134.6.17
 Whippet sprinter male Chasing Lane's Iron Arrow17,034.6.17
350 mWhippet female Bindi21,53 
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy21,278.7.12
 Whippet sprinter female Jetset Showgirl21,3116.10.16
 Whippet sprinter male Angel of North Clancy21,4711.8.19
480 mWhippet female Marakaya's Girlpower30,7129.7.12
 Whippet male Ghan buri ghan's Jammy Hawk30,6229.7.12
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male   
Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female Shannon Down Furious Five21,791.9.13
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy21,5221.6.14
 Whippet sprinter female Jetset Showgirl21,2617.6.17
 Whippet sprinter male Johnnie Walker Blue Label21,5017.6.17
 Whippet XL male Gorgeous George21,2618.6.16
475 mWhippet female Frizzy-Lizzy van Dia-Robinne31,0231.7.11
 Whippet male Blits v.d. Spaarne Meute30,4831.7.11
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male    
Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female Brick Top21,8928.10.12
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy21,5919.5.13
 Whippet sprinter female Chasing Lane's Ice Gold21,887.5.17
 Whippet sprinter male van Tourleader Fast Boogie21,7616.5.16
475 mWhippet female Chasing Lane's Hit Gold30,815.8.18
 Whippet male Xantho Vulture v.d. Spaarne Meute30,185.8.07
 Whippet sprinter female Johanna van de Spaarne Meute30,255.8.18
 Whippet sprinter male van Tourleader Fast Boogie30,4517.8.14
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Bluenote's Akemi at Kentfield17,7918.7.15
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy17,2718.7.15
 Whippet sprinter female Candy la Perla del Paramo18,1327.7.14
 Whippet sprinter male Shannon Down Imagine That17,2518.7.15
 Whippet XL male Gorgeous George17,4318.7.15
350 mWhippet female Bindi21,6414.9.13
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy21,251.6.13
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds20,9322.4.19
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief21,0422.4.19
475 mWhippet female Bindi30,3514.9.13
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy29,4427.7.13
 Whippet sprinter female van Tourleader First Impression30,052.8.14
 Whippet sprinter male van Tourleader Fast Boogie29,692.8.14
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Chasing Lane's Hot Top17,483.6.18
 Whippet male Quixand Fallout Boy17,3021.4.13
 Whippet sprinter female Baya Supersonic17,153.6.18
 Whippet sprinter male Johnnie Walker Blue Label17,093.6.18
350 mWhippet female Chasing Lane's Funk De Luxe21,9422.3.15
 Whippet male Quality Top21,7817.3.19
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds21,3330.5.19
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief21,508.4.18
 Whippet XL male Gorgeous George21,9112.6.16
480 mWhippet female Bluenote's Akemi at Kentfield31,322.8.15
 Whippet male    
 Whippet sprinter female van Tourleader First Impression31,042.8.15
 Whippet sprinter male Frederico z Osirisova domu30,8030.7.17
Distance  NameTimeDate
360 mWhippet female Bluenote's Akemi at Kentfield22,9325.5.14
 Whippet male Quality Top22,3619.5.19
 Whippet sprinter female Fista z Osirisova domu22,8213.8.17
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief22,471.10.17
Distance  NameTimeDate
323 mWhippet female Bindi20,0022.7.12
 Whippet male Blits v.d. Spaarne Meute20,1922.7.12
 Whippet sprinter female Jetset Showgirl20,0623.4.17
 Whippet sprinter male Chasing Lane's Insane Joe20,0017.7.16
475 mWhippet female Marakaya's Femme Fatale30,256.8.06
 Whippet male Droopy Del Abokhan30,29 
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male   
Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female Schinbascha's Creamery Pearl22,4010.6.12
 Whippet male Blits v.d. Spaarne Meute22,3010.6.12
 Whippet sprinter female Fista z Osirisova domu22,036.11.16
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief21,7225.3.18