Below you can find a list of all (active) tracks in Hungary and track records run by whippets on those tracks.

Please feel free to contact me for example via e-mail (kerttu.tuomi@gmail.com) if you notice any errors in the listings or know of any new track records. Note that I will only list track records run under FCI competitions.

Last updated: 4.5.2018


Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Devaj 1976 Midnight17,30525.10.15
 Whippet male Kentfield Freedom17,34825.10.15
 Whippet sprinter female Devaj 1976 Milky Way17,5425.10.15
 Whippet sprinter male Querry Supersonic17,7325.10.15
370 mWhippet female Kentfield Starlight in the Night23,4617.5.14
 Whippet male Kentfield Freedom22,9714.6.14
 Whippet sprinter female Devaj 1976 Thunderbird23,3111.6.17
 Whippet sprinter male Devaj 1976 Tesla22,999.7.17
480 mWhippet female    
 Whippet male Devaj Viktor31,762.11.13
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male   

$ 00.00

Distance  NameTimeDate
300 mWhippet female Deerstone Akacia19,6525.10.14
 Whippet male    
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male Devaj 1976 Jackpot19,0825.10.14
360 mWhippet female Gold Run's Dreaming Ain't Cheap23,1121.9.13
 Whippet male Ettore22,776.6.14
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male