Below you can find a list of all (active) tracks in Germany and track records run by whippets on those tracks.

Please feel free to contact me for example via e-mail (kerttu.tuomi@gmail.com) if you notice any errors in the listings or know of any new track records. Note that I will only list track records run under FCI competitions.

Last updated: 12.7.2020

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Distance  NameTimeDate
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Zorneagle's Halla19,1819.9.10
 Whippet male al Fao's King Carlos17,947.10.17
 Whippet sprinter female 
 Whippet sprinter male 
355 mWhippet female Powerplay's Wallflower22,8519.9.10
 Whippet male Galileo vom rauhen Meer23,057.10.17
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice22,3326.6.16
 Whippet sprinter male Fast Company's Commander in Chief22,687.10.17
Distance  NameTimeDate
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Estivale Blue Sky Running Spirit19,2649.9.18
 Whippet male Storktown's Morrisson19,2549.9.18
 Whippet sprinter female 
 Whippet sprinter male Satellite19,377
350 mWhippet female Baileys vom Roten Schopf23,3579.9.18
 Whippet male Ok-Bleuy22,2226.5.19
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Bumblebee23,21024.6.18
 Whippet sprinter male Dévaj 1976 Venom22,3659.9.18
480 m Whippet female Masha v.d. Spaarne Meute31,6925.9.88
(times on grass Whippet male Maffick of Goldenblue31,594.8.85
track until 2018)Whippet sprinter female Alenka 32,0023.7.95
 Whippet sprinter male Seven Fire's Abadan31,174.8.85
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female    
 Whippet male    
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male    
355 mWhippet female English Heart22,5627.9.15
 Whippet male Ettore22,4127.9.15
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds22,009.6.19
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief22,4320.5.18
Distance  NameTimeDate
277 mWhippet female Winsome Yankees Dingle17,8513.5.17
 Whippet male Kailando vom Badenermoor17,9815.5.11
 Whippet sprinter female Madam Brett17,7313.5.17
 Whippet sprinter male Jakkalberry vom rauhen Meeer17,7013.5.17
365 mWhippet female English Heart23,3619.7.14
 Whippet male Lemon Soda Bohemia Snap Dog23,6216.4.17
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice23,3516.4.17
 Whippet sprinter male Delicio z Osirisova domu23,0331.8.14
Distance  NameTimeDate
270 mWhippet female Racing King's Brenda17,40Trophy 2014
 Whippet male Mick Jerome vom rauhen Meer17,68Iby 2012
 Whippet sprinter female Peppershot vom rauhen Meer18,24LSR 2008
 Whippet sprinter male Yaka vom rauhen Meer17,50Hansa 2012
350 mWhippet female Angel of North Ayana22,112.7.16
 Whippet male Ok-Bleuy22,0219.8.17
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Bumblebee21,7021.8.16
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief21,7119.8.17
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Angel of North Ayana18,1322.5.16
 Whippet male Mick Jerome vom rauhen Meer18,0322.7.12
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice17,8622.5.16
 Whippet sprinter male Fiepes Shuffle vom rauhen Meer18,3122.6.16
360 mWhippet female Nabinah vom Badenermoor23,5114.9.14
 Whippet male Mick Jerome vom rauhen Meer23,4028.6.09
 Whippet sprinter female Jessie Dixon22,8910.9.17
 Whippet sprinter male Yaka vom rauhen Meer23,1214.10.12
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Angel of North Ayana18,2017.5.15
 Whippet male Powerplay's Wizard The Best18,1528.7.13
 Whippet sprinter female Tipsy Supersonic18,1117.5.15
 Whippet sprinter male al Fao's King Carlos17,9228.7.13
365 mWhippet female Powerplay's Wallflower23,231.8.10
 Whippet male Powerplay's Wizard The Best23,131.8.10
 Whippet sprinter female Jessie Dixon23,201.10.17
 Whippet sprinter male Like It Bohemia Snap Dog22,893.4.16
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Racing King's Brenda17,8911.5.13
 Whippet male Satellite17,7611.5.13
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male al Fao's King Carlos17,6911.5.13
350 mWhippet female Fast Company's Chasing Farrah22,0322.7.18
 Whippet male Fellini z Osirisova domu21,8421.7.19
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds21,4521.7.19
 Whippet sprinter male Fast Company's Commander In Chief21,6522.7.18
Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female Fast Company's Chasing Farrah21,9915.7.18
 Whippet male Fast Company's Boys Talk21,7010.7.16
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice21,3910.7.16
 Whippet sprinter male Shannon Down Spicy Kimchi21,939.7.17
Distance  NameTimeDate
290 mWhippet female Xantana v.d. Spaarne Meute18,3720.5.07
 Whippet male Enter Sandman Cinpress19,0011.5.19
 Whippet sprinter female Never Stop Dreaming18,8511.5.19
 Whippet sprinter male Ringdove Jamiroquai18,633.10.10
375 mWhippet female Angel of North Ayana24,05BSR 2015
 Whippet male Catkyll's Angelo23,8021.6.09
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Bumblebee23,9724.6.17
 Whippet sprinter male Catkyll's Adonis23,8216.9.07
Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female Devaj Galaxy22,0825.4.15
 Whippet male Marakaya's Hasta La Vista Baby21,6725.4.15
 Whippet sprinter female Devaj 1976 Kincsem21,8825.4.15
 Whippet sprinter male Shannon Down Spicy Kimchi21,5210.9.17
Distance  NameTimeDate
Distance  NameTimeDate
275 mWhippet female Devaj Galaxy17,6517.5.14
 Whippet male Olaf17,4713.4.19
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds17,0313.4.19
 Whippet sprinter male Angel of North Coming Out17,2213.4.19
350 mWhippet female Powerplay's Analugha22,3531.8.14
 Whippet male Fast Company's Boys Talk21,8211.6.16
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds21,5715.6.19
 Whippet sprinter male Quality Top21,7612.7.20
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Winsome Yankees Dingle17,7413.5.18
 Whippet male Fast Company's Boys Talk17,5313.5.18
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice17,2713.5.18
 Whippet sprinter male Fast Company's Commander In Chief17,4213.5.18
350 mWhippet female Fast Company's Chasing Farrah21,9821.4.19
 Whippet male Fast Company's Boys Talk21,6415.10.17
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Beetlejuice21,31122.4.18
 Whippet sprinter male Dévaj 1976 Tesla21,32615.10.17
480 mWhippet female Fleet Fellow's Fenfire32,1910.8.97
 Whippet male Fleet Fellow's Frantic32,2910.8.97
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male   
Distance  NameTimeDate
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Dévaj Galaxy18,556.10.13
 Whippet male Satellite18,506.10.13
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male Delicio z Osirisova domu18,146.10.13
360 mWhippet female English Heart23,1311.10.15
 Whippet male Lemon Soda Bohemia Snap Dog23,2411.10.15
 Whippet sprinter female Fast Company's Bumblebee23,1511.10.15
 Whippet sprinter male Delicio z Osirisova domu22,8012.10.14
Distance  NameTimeDate
Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female 
 Whippet male 
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male Madaki's Zizi Top23,34025.5.19
480 mWhippet female 
 Whippet male 
 Whippet sprinter female 
 Whippet sprinter male