Distance  NameTimeDate
277 mWhippet female Houssa van de Spaarne Meute17,107
 Whippet male Nino Lindo17,031
346 mWhippet female Jeaga River du Tepee d'Amour22,260
 Whippet male Quality Top21,850
Distance  NameTimeDate
275 mWhippet female Houssa van de Spaarne Meute17,39510/2017
 Whippet male Justino Lindo17,86004/2017
347 mWhippet female Houssa van de Spaarne Meute21,99606/2016
 Whippet male Ok-Bleuy21,66509/2017


Below you can find a list of all (active) tracks in France and track records run by whippets on those tracks.

Please feel free to contact me for example via e-mail (kerttu.tuomi@gmail.com) if you notice any errors in the listings or know of any new track records. 

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Last updated: 29.4.2019

Distance  NameTimeDate
340 mWhippet female Night Flash Langella22,20?
 Whippet male 
Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female 
 Whippet male 
365 mWhippet female 
 Whippet male 


Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Justicia Linda18,290
 Whippet male E'Zeppelin du Puits a Loups18,730
360 mWhippet female Justicia Linda23,500
 Whippet male Elektra's Voodoo Talk at Kentfield23,315
Distance  NameTimeDate
275 mWhippet female  Houssa van de Spaarne Meute17,640
 Whippet male Gold Run's I Gotta Rock17,870
350 mWhippet female Justicia Linda22,290
 Whippet male Ok-Bleuy21,870