Below you can find a list of all (active) tracks in Belgium and track records run by whippets on those tracks.

Please feel free to contact me for example via e-mail (kerttu.tuomi@gmail.com) if you notice any errors in the listings or know of any new track records. Note that I will only list track records run under FCI competitions.

Last updated: 9.8.2019


Distance  NameTimeDate
285 mWhippet female Chasing Lane's Funk De Luxe17,732.8.15
 Whippet male Quality Top17,1314.4.19
 Whippet sprinter female Fista z Osirisova domu17,5130.7.17
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief17,3514.4.19
344 mWhippet female Penelope21,3552.9.18
 Whippet male Quality Top20,6312.5.19
 Whippet sprinter female Natalia Klytsjko Twirlwinds20,5912.5.19
 Whippet sprinter male Gold run's Mind Mischief20,855.11.17
480 mWhippet female Noortje31,407.8.94
 Whippet male Petoetje31,727.8.94
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male   

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Distance  NameTimeDate
275 mWhippet female Run Before Beauty's Qesari16,4004.8.19
 Whippet male Run Before Beauty's Qatai16,7784.8.19
 Whippet sprinter female Fista z Osirisova domu16,814 
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief16,6364.8.19
345 mWhippet female Run Before Beauty's Qesari21,01214.7.19
 Whippet male Quality Top20,88014.7.19
 Whippet sprinter female Twirlwinds Natalia Klytsjko20,81414.7.19
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief20,89720.10.17



Distance  NameTimeDate
280 mWhippet female Flying Dream17,523.8.14
 Whippet male Oochigea's Moonstar17,773.8.14
 Whippet sprinter female Gold Run's Lady Luck17,736.8.17
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief17,546.8.17
350 mWhippet female Run Before Beauty's Qesari21,447.7.2019
 Whippet male Quality Top21,2826.5.19
 Whippet sprinter female Fista z Osirisova domu21,338.5.16
 Whippet sprinter male Gold Run's Mind Mischief21,298.10.17