Below you can find a list of all (active) tracks in AUSTRIA and track records run by whippets on those tracks.

Please feel free to contact me for example via e-mail (kerttu.tuomi@gmail.com) if you notice any errors in the listings or know of any new track records. Note that I will only list track records run under FCI competitions.


Distance  NameTimeDate
390 mWhippet female English Eyes24,9717.5.15
 Whippet male Ettore24,6515.5.16
 Whippet sprinter female Rain Dance Maggie25,0524.8.14
 Whippet sprinter male English Rider25,724.8.14

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Distance  NameTimeDate
350 mWhippet female Devaj 1976 Midnight20,4821.6.15
 Whippet male Mighty Panda Bohemia Snap Dog20,637.5.2017
 Whippet sprinter female Devaj 1976 Janis20,7110.5.15
 Whippet sprinter male Devaj Devil20,4419.5.13
480 mWhippet female Charlotta z Hedvabi32,23 
 Whippet male Ronald Reagan z Hedvabi32,25 
 Whippet sprinter female    
 Whippet sprinter male   
Distance  NameTimeDate


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